Llewellyn Cornell Radford II was born in Bartow, FL to Llewellyn Cornell Radford Sr and Alexis Celeste Carter. He is the oldest of 7 children and was raised in Newport News, VA. He attended Hampton University initially as an electrical engineering major then switched to marketing. During his time in college, he started modeling which led to an interest in acting.

His first acting job was on the movie The Box (2009) as Special Ops number 9. He fell in love with acting then moved to Chicago in 2008 and took his first acting classes. In 2009 he moved to Los Angeles to take his career to a higher level, where he has resided ever since. Llewellyn loves acting and making his dreams come true, his mantra is “Dream On Dreamers” which simply means the dream is infinite, never stop dreaming, and make your dreams a reality.

Height: 6’3”    Weight: 210 lbs.

Hair: Black    Eyes: Brown

Age Range: 25-35

Male Shirt: 17/36    Pants: 34×36    Suit: 44L Shoe: 13