About the Book

Dream On Dreamers is a jam-packed book full of inspiration. It is comprised of inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking poems written over a five-year span. Llewellyn C. Radford II originally wrote these poems to inspire himself on his journey as an entertainer and actor. As he continued to write he realized he not only helped himself but he inspired others as well. Llewellyn conveys his passion and heart in each poem with every word written. He credits his love for inspiring others to his own life experiences. “It’s not always about what happens but how you respond“, he says. Sometimes things occur that make us want to give up and we need an extra push. This book is designed to do just that. “If you have fallen before, although it may be a different stumbling block, you will already have learned how to dust off, get up, and keep moving.“ -Llewellyn C. Radford II . #DreamOnDreamers™

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